New arrivals




Our collection of animals is extending.  This week, we've increased our numbers of ducks and chickens, introduced a majestic Light Sussex Rooster, bought some companions for our ferret Minion and Poppy the Pony has come to stay on loan.

While we're not new to having a menagerie of animals, it is great to be able to extend our animal family without having to worry about where to put them and what the neighbours might think.  In fact, the neighbours are a great source of information about the care and up-keep of Poppy and if we have any questions, there is always someone nearby to put you on the right course. Facebook's Cornwall Smallholders page has also been a great source to find the things we need for the small-holding and to ask for advice.

Sunday was lovely to wake up to the cockerel crowing, the Pony whinnying and the ducks laughing, the only things missing now are oinks and baas, but they'll come in due course.

The animals also need to start paying for their up-keep!  At the moment, only one of our stalwart chickens is laying, the ducks have yet to lay and the Pony - well, she's just going to cost us money, but hopefully she will be cheaper than riding lessons!

We are also starting to get our first enquiries for the Holiday Let, but of course there are the usual unforeseen things that go with moving house.  The washing machine doesn't fit the space provided, the beds didn't fit under the eaves, we have to wait weeks for some of the furniture to arrive, the mains water to the annexe is non-existent and we seem to have sprung a small leak.  All these little issues have delayed us getting up and running, but gradually, we are solving them one by one and are starting to feel more settled in our new home.