Remembering the Lost at Heligan

Today was Remembrance Sunday and we decided to pay our respects this year at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  In particular, they were remembering the fallen who had worked at Heligan.  Of those that went to serve in WW1, few returned and while the Gardens are a tribute to all of the people who have worked at Heligan, both in the past and present, today saw the unveiling of a plaque especially for those that never returned.

As with much of Heligan, the memorial plaque is understated, no big memorial stone, yet a tribute indeed to those that served.

The Gardens themselves also feel understated.  Don't get me wrong, the work that has gone into restoring the Lost Gardens of Heligan is a huge undertaking and if you don't know how it came about, it's worth reading up on.  However, you can tell the restoration has been carried out with a great deal of love and respect for the area's history and it has kept a very natural, unpretentious feeling about it.  This is what makes Heligan so special, at every junction, there is something new, yet informal to explore and wonder at and it has something magical to suit all ages, whether it's exploring in the rhododendron woods, discovering the Mud Maiden, walking the rope bridge, or admiring the many species of plants, ferns, trees and shrubs, it is a great day out for all the family.

Thank you Heligan and all the people who help to make it such a beautiful place.