Spring has Sprung

We got through our first Winter at Demelza Cottage and experienced every type of weather that Cornwall can throw at us.  Unfortunately, Stuart has been taken seriously ill and has been unable to enjoy the smallholding lifestyle that he has so long aspired to, but he can take in the beautiful views from the conservatory and watch as the smallholding springs back in to life after its dormancy.

March saw the arrival of our new lambs, a very straight-forward affair, as there they were in the morning, bonding nicely with their mum. We had 2 ewes and 2 rams and we'll be keeping the ewes to start to build a flock for our son. We cleared out one of our out-houses to house the sheep for a few days, made possible by my brother and his friend who erected our shed for all our bits and pieces.  They did a great job, in gale force wind, rain, hail and freezing temperatures.  Other friends and relatives have come to help us get the smallholding in order.  A group of Stuart's friends came down and made a chicken run, the wonderful ladies in our lives have been gardening and started and maintained our first veggie patch and planted an orchard.  Some of Stuart's work mates came down for a weekend to fell overgrown trees, put in water pipes and repair our fencing and the transformation was amazing.  It has really opened up the view and let the light flood in to the garden.

The garden is coming to life and we're discovering all sorts of goodies.  The primroses provided a great show and some unusual rhododenrons have emerged.  My mum and mum-in-law have been busy in the garden, pulling ivy which has taken over and developed new flower beds.

Our dog has never been happier.  Previously a nervous wreck of any noises, she has settled really well and is now a very relaxed dog, who loves her walks and likes to curl up by her master's side.

The kids have settled well in to their new school and have made some good friends.  Many of the friends have very similar outdoor interests, or live on farms, so they fit in far better here than in Reading.

We've enjoyed the challenge of the smallholding.  It takes a lot to keep on top of it and my son has been amazing at keeping it tidy and well maintained.  My daughter has been busy with her new job as chambermaid for the holiday let, which is also taking off nicely.  The next 3 months are practically fully booked and feedback has been very positive.

Our thanks go to all the people that have visited, sent their best wishes and offered practical support - you know who you are.